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30 big building blocks Gigi Blocks

Κωδικός: G610031


Natural size building blocks, fun and creation for the kids.

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Gigi Blocks is a new, simple, but at the same time innovative, construction game with real size blocks. The kids will be thrilled to turn the big bricks into the game they want!

They can build their own houses, ships, castles, zoos, kitchens, spacecrafts and everything else they can imagine. A game that creates multiple activities and develops skills, so that your child is not bored. It is also a good (and original) gift choice.

The set includes 60 big blocks (10 x 6.5 x 6.4 cm). They are lightweight and durable and easy to assemble (see video). Adult participation is required.

These blocks are not resistant to moisture or fire.

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