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Balloon ball animal stripes blue Bubabloon

Κωδικός: G610040


Inflate the balloon and let the kids play endlessly and safe.

Μη διαθέσιμο

The most incredible ball is called Bubabloon!

Put the balloon in the Bubabloon case, inflate it, twist or tie it and you get the best ball !!

Absolutely safe for children! Light and soft, don’t need to be afraid for falls or injuries.

The balloon bounces and is protected in the Bubabloon cotton case, even when it’s time to burst! Lightweight and safe to play in and out of the house!

Take the pouch to the park, inflate the balloon and play with your friends until the final fall! Play football, volleyball, soccer etc! Pass it around until you are tired.

· Reusable
· Lightweight, bounces at moderate speed
· Does not require any muscle power and can be played by anyone
· Totally safe play
· Suitable even for babies over 4 months
· Used with any classic medium sized balloon
· Cotton fabric washable at 40C
· CE marked according to European specifications

In a beautiful box that includes 3 balloons to play with from the first moment.

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