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Lady pads for sensitive bladder Discreet Long Plus Always

Κωδικός: G640007


High absorption and discretion, with the Always brand as guarantee.

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Incredible Protection – Unexpectedly Thin

Ideal for protection against medium-intensity incontinence and for the period after birth.

Always Discreet  feature a super-absorbent core that turns the liquid into gel. They are longer than normal and protect against frequent leaks, with comfort and extra freshness!

Designed to “lock” moisture and thin enough for comfort and discretion. They protect you from spills, with a unique sense of freshness!

Always Discreet products offer an ideal product experience combining:
• Delicacy & Comfort
• Protection
• Femininity

Thanks to the exclusive odor elimination technology, the unique absorbent core and the female details of the products and packages. With the new Always Discreet products for discreet protection, unexpectedly delicate you will feel protected all day and nothing will hinder your intense everyday life!

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