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Laundry Hamper Swan 3 Sprouts

Κωδικός: G620068


This gorgeous swan is making the laundry hamper a beautiful decoration.

Μη διαθέσιμο

This is the view of 3 Sprouts for the laundry hamper. Spacious and stylish basket, with many different prints from cute animals. Made of durable and waterproof canvas, with plenty of space to accommodate all family laundry! The two large handles fold down to create a round opening and when the time comes for washing, just pull the handles and turn it over! Also, you can lift the handles if you want to increase the size of the basket and thus the total volume of clothes that it holds. When not in use, it folds to take up no space.

Size: 48cm x 56cm x 28cm, Material: 100% polyester.

The American firm 3 Sprouts was created in 2007 by…what else, 3 friends who adore babies, good design and fun! The result is a joyful series of products for babies and parents that will bring solutions to everyday needs and smile to everyone!

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