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Melichrysos “Family”

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For the Family, almond praline with Lemnos honey made from flowers and thyme, wholegrain tahini, raisins and pollen.

Μη διαθέσιμο

The brand Melichrysos, has created 3 innovative products that give unique nutritional value combined with great flavor. Its aim is to establish itself as accessible daily and complete nutrition suggestions for all family members, the average athlete, the working person and the child, both in Greece and abroad. Their small-scale laboratory operates on the basis of HACCP specifications, aiming at minimal processing of quality and certified raw materials.

Product “Family”

• A tasty and healthy treat for the whole family, adults and children over 3 years of age.
• Excellent choice for breakfast meal combined with bread and / or milk. Complex carbohydrates offer immediate stimulation and energy, protein saturation and good fatty duration in energy supply.
• A natural substitute for a multivitamin formula that meets the high demands on vitamins and trace elements, that derive from demanding lifestyle and daily stress.
• Excellent alternative to fasting periods, where the exclusion of many food groups results in low intake of essential elements such as proteins, iron, etc.

Eating suggestions :

1. At breakfast: Two tablespoons of Melichrysos Family with 2 wholegrain toasted bread loafs and 1 cup of milk or juice (290 calories)
2. In the evening: 1 yogurt 2% with 1 tablespoon of Melichrysos Family and 3 walnuts (300 calories)

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