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Pampers Active Baby 5 (11-16kg) maxi51pcs

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Pampers Active Baby offer comfort to your baby and safety to you.

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Pampers = 1 dry night.

Did you know that your baby is moving twice as long as he sleeps, compared to an adult? Extremely active nights can lead to leaks and bulky wet diapers that disrupt his quiet sleep. That’s why the Pampers Active Baby diapers have the unique SLEEP extra absorbent layer, which contributes to the dryness you trust for your baby’s skin. So, no matter how your baby moves and wherever he sleeps, his skin remains dry, thanks to Pampers Active Baby diapers. Now in new packaging.

– Pamers Active Baby have an absorbent core with Micro Pearls that traps the moisture inside the diaper.

– 11 channels, which facilitate the flow of air, so that the baby’s skin can breathe.

– Soft coating that touches the baby’s skins.

– Elastic side panels that offer even better protection against leakages during the night.

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