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Pampers Pants 4 (8-14kg) jumbo52pcs

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Diaper pants for quick end easy changing of the baby, when it starts to become to big for common diapers.

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When the baby starts to become more active, changing the diaper can be very difficult. The time has come for Pampers Pants nappies.

Pampers Pants are easy to wear with a single motion and offer up to 12 hours of dryness. Their perfect fit is adapted to every baby’s movement to provide comfort and protection. Changing the diaper becomes simple, effortless and without tears.

– 4 Absorption Channels: Helps to evenly distribute moisture and encapsulate it inside the diaper for up to 12 hours of dryness.
– MicroPearls Absorbents: MicroPearls Inner Coat that absorbs and traps moisture inside the diaper.
– Gentle as cotton: For the comfort of your baby who feels the whole day as if wearing a regular underwear.
– Breathing materials: They help circulate the air around the baby’s skin, keeping it dry.
– Perimeter Elasticity: Elastic fitting around the belly button and the buttons, to fit your baby’s movements and perfect fit.
– Easy-On: Can be worn in one movement.
– Easy-Off: To remove them, just tear the sides.

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