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Play matress & storage handbag mini 2 in 1 Space Play&Go

Κωδικός: G620078


The incredible play mat-handbags by Play & Go, now in mini size for even bigger mobility and easy storage.

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Get rid of the toys cleaning and storage problems once and for all! Play&Go is an amazing combination of play mat and storage bag that will make you wonder why you did not get it up to now!

Do you feel as if living a drama every time you have to pick up and store the child’s toys? We all know this feeling. Games scattered all over the house: under the bed, on the floor, in the most unlikely places! Now, the Play & Go 2-in-1 play-mattress storage bag comes to solve your problem once and for all! Play & Go is a play mattress on which the child can play and have fun for hours alone or with friends. When the game reaches its end, then, with a simple move, Play & Go becomes a handbag that fits all the games that are on the play mattress! It is so simple and entertaining that your kid will pick up his own games! The 2-in-1 Play & Go mini bag is 40 cm in diameter and is made of cotton cloth under world-class environmental standards. Its portable and durable design makes it ideal for travel, excursions, vacations and visits to friends and relatives.

Color White-Black-Blue.


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