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Runner blackboard in black color Jaq Jaq Bird


Finally a tablecloth that you will be happy to see the kids paint on! Portable, it has many indoor or outdoor uses.

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Jaq Jaq Runner is a very creative way to decorate your table and at last a tablecloth that your children can paint without fear! A great surface for drawing and painting for the young and the young at heart. Use Butterstix® chalk or Butter Liquid Chalk Pen markers that are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Both are safe for contact with food or cutlery.

You can try it too, it is not the exclusive privilege of the kids and you will see how much you will “stick” with this original tablecloth!! Leave messages, draw and change your mood every day! It is easy to wrap and it is portable, so you can take it oudoors, in a simple meeting or party that will be unforgettable for the children! Included in the box is a special sponge and a box of 4 white chalks to get you started! The product is in original packaging and is a very beautiful gift for the home with multiple uses. Size of the runner is 180×45 cm.

Butterstix® chalks are sold separately in 12-color or white packages. Both chalks and markers can be used on non-porous surfaces such as glasses, plates, walls. With the products of the Jaq Jaq series you will create carefree small-sized inside and outside the home!”

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