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Painting placemats “Games” OMY

Κωδικός: G610019


Painting placemats with favourite games for the whole family.

Μη διαθέσιμο

Decorate your table with OMY’s unique flats of painting! Ideal for parties, dinners and many hours of play! For the less well-behaved children, it can become the perfect disregard or reward for lunch. You can even frame them to create the most beautiful paintings! An activity for the whole family or company.

In each package, you will find 4 different games (in 6 copies each) for many hours of play and color. “Find the Differences”, “Connect the dots”, “Labyrinth” and “Magic colors”. Each of them has a size of 40 x 30 cm. Ideally fill with the OMΥ marker set.

OMY creates and designs happy and beautiful plans for the whole family, turning the decoration into a game and at a time when friends and family can create and entertain together. All OMY products are designed with love in Paris, with special care for the choice of materials and the authenticity of each new product.


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