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Peekaboo size chart

ΜΕΓΕΘΗ (sizes) Μήκος/Length Περιφέρεια/Hips Μέση/Waist
101 cm
65-90 cm
56-90 cm
103 cm
85-110 cm
65-105 cm
105 cm
90-120 cm
80-110 cm

Maternity nursing nightwear loose graphite Peekaboo

Κωδικός: M360004


Pregnancy pajamas set.


Οδηγός Μεγεθών (Size Guide)

Maternity nursing nightwear pyjama.
Pants with bellybelt.
Can be worn after pregnancy.
White lace (lace can be slight different that on the photo).

Fabric: 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane

Dimensions shirt:

Length: 71 – 73 cm

Bust: 40 – 44 cm

Dimensions pants:

Waist 30-45 cm, 35-50 cm

Length: 102-104 cm

Hips: 55 – 60 cm




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